• Among the best indie bands are rapidly doing more mainstream artists as leaders within the music industry. Bands are regarded as independent once they release music with no backing of one with the major record labels. This humbler approach allows musicians the liberty to release music which is more experimental for any more targeted niche audience.- alt pop

    Without the backing of a label, the artist has a freedom to be more experimental with arrangements of songs. In many cases, these artists may also be recording in small studios, or even their own home studio, so that they are not pressured by time or budget to rush through the recording and writing process. Since instant mass appeal isn't primary concern of many indie bands, you'll end up finding extended instrumental pieces, songs with odd lyrics (only for the sake for being odd), and you can typically bet on many friends and acquaintances with the artists contributing creatively towards the recordings.

    Most fans love when their most favorite indie bands released special releases. Albums for example live recordings, acoustic versions, and remixes are incredibly popular. It also helps the artist to construct a community of loyal and hardcore followers who will continue to pour money and support into exactly what the band is doing. Many artists consider even further advantage of this by allowing fans to have input on creative decisions like set lists, B-side song suggestions, etc.

    Fans of indie bands love that their favorite artists are still accessible, preferring small concert venues to large arenas. Indie music is rarely featured on the radio, and listeners often discover new bands through word of mouth or demos on their favorite label's website. For any concert-goer who is interested in finding something a bit different, the best indie bands offer a great antidote to experienced, repetitive, Top 40 music.- alt pop 

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